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Get insider access to the New York Times Best-Seller that sold over 20,000 copies worldwide!

Why 6 Steps to 7 Figures?

Transform Your Sales

A combination of motivational success strategies and practical tips for flourishing in real estate that you can share with your co-workers and office.

Create Successful Habits

Provides a 7-Figure Game Plan at the end of each chapter outlining exactly what to do and how to do it.

Growth Opportunities

Forms and worksheets are included that contain tactics real estate agents use to constantly build and promote their businesses through all markets – and live the life of their dreams.


Pat Hiban is one of only a handful of residential agents worldwide who can claim the title of Billion Dollar Agent, having sold over 6,000 residential homes, one at a time!! Success leaves clues and now they are all shared candidly right here!

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50 Dowloadable Documents

Get the forms that can help take your business to the next level!

Hiban’s Network


Large or small, we sell them all. Full time licensed agents since 1987. Over One Billion Dollars in homes sold.  Highly trained, fast, intelligent and business savvy agents available to you at a moments notice.

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3-day a week real estate podcast. These interviews allow us to share our guests journeys from rookie to Rockstar. Throughout the interviews, Pat delves into the specifics of their business and their rise to success.

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With a motto of “GRAB LIFE BIG!”, Gobundance is the tribe for healthy, wealthy, generous men who choose to lead epic lives!  A peer group that is set up to grab the most out of life through peer masterminding!

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  • testimonial-4

    “In 6 Steps To 7 Figures, Pat Hiban has created a blueprint for a good income and a good life. Highly recommended.”

    Brian Buffini

    America’s Largest Retraining Coach Chairman and Founder of Buffini Inc Co.

  • testimonial-3“The best thing about the Real Estate industry is its enormous opportunity for growth. Pat Clearly proves that the sky truly is the limit!!”

    Barbara Corcoran

    Real Estate Correspondent for NBC’s Today Show and Judge on ABC’s Shark Tank, Best Selling Author

  • testimonial-2“Anyone who has sold over 500 homes per year should be paid attention to by both the novice and highly experienced real estate agents.”

    Craig Proctor

    RE/MAX top realtor for a decade Founder of Quantum Leap Systems

  • testimonial-1“Being a real estate coach I see good agents and great ones. Pat Hiban offers a step by step approach to take your business to the next benchmark. His game plan will help you build your business to 50-100-500 transactions.”

    Dianna Kokoszka

    Author of Bold – Business Objective: A Life By Design, Pres of MAPS Coaching